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Empower All Stakeholders -- to include Students, Faculty, Staff, and Parents!

Office 365 Education empowers students, faculty, and staff with the productivity and communication services they need – free email, calendar, sites, online document editing and storage, IM and presence, web conferencing, and more. With Office 365 academic institutions enable innovative learning on virtually any device via the cloud while ensuring data integrity, student privacy, and flexibility. 

Cloud-Based Productivity, Communication, and Collaboration Services

Microsoft Office 365 is powered by the cloud and always up to date, enabling faculty and students with access to applications and files from virtually anywhere on different devices – PC, Mac, tablet, and select mobile devices. Students can produce their best work with familiar Office tools. Work-groups can collaborate on documents, even from different locations. Responsible social communities empower students and faculty to communicate more effectively. All this with Office 365.

Office 365 prepares students for the workplace

More than 2.6 million college students are expected to graduate into a highly-competitive job market at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Students who have mastered Microsoft Office are valued by employers; in fact Office proficiency is often a hiring requirement.


According to a 2013 study by IDC, employers are looking for candidates that have 20 specific skills for high-growth, high-wage occupations. Students need these skills for the desirable occupations that will account for 11.5 million new hires and 28% of job growth by 2020.


#3 on this list is proficiency with Microsoft Office, with proficiency with PowerPoint and Word highlighted at #11 and #13. In fact, Microsoft Office skills were sought after five times more than any other productivity tools.

  • Office is explicitly required in 15% of high-growth, high-salary positions.

  • Office is mentioned in job listings 5 times more often than other software.

  • The only software application cited among the top 20 skills for all occupations is Office.

Because facility with Microsoft Office is such a highly-valued skill set with employers, students who use Office 365 will have the most up-to-date versions of the productivity tools they need to excel in the classroom and later in professions.

Free Office 365 ProPlus for Students!

With Student Advantage - - Microsoft is offering Office 365 ProPlus, the cloud version of the world's most widely-used productivity solution, to all students in your institution - - at no additional cost!

Office 365 ProPlus delivers a richer productivity experience across all your devices.  The familiar and full Office applications are locally installed so they're available offline. With this benefit, each student can install Office on up to 5 PC's, including PC or Mac, as well as 5 mobile devices, including Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone. And Office 365 ProPlus updates automatically.

Prepare students for success in the 21st Century

From rural school districts to large urban school districts, school leaders around the globe are committed to helping students and educators realize their full potential. Academic institutions like yours want to provide the set of tools that helps their students and teachers get the most from education.  Technology can help inspire students to learn, and empower teachers to prepare students for success in the 21st century.

Microsoft believes that technology can expand the power of education and unlock the potential of students, educators, and schools. Microsoft is dedicated to delivering new software, services, and programs that enable schools to meet the evolving demands of a digital world.

Office 365 Education provides a complete set of productivity, communication, and collaboration tools, delivered through the cloud. Your students and educators can work from wherever they want, whenever they need to. With Office 365 academic institutions enable innovative learning across campus while ensuring data integrity and student privacy.

Any academic institution can implement Office 365, delivering Exchange Online, Lync Online, and SharePoint Online services to your stakeholder community.  And, almost any institution that covers 100% of its faculty and staff with Office licensing is entitled to provide Office 365 to its entire student body at no additional cost.

Get ready for the smoothest, fastest path from pilot to full deployment!

By collaborating with Microsoft, we will be able to get your district or school rapidly and efficiently on-board with Office 365 Education.  Imagine having your school or district up and running on an Office 365 Education pilot within hours or a few days?

Even better - - imagine all of your stakeholders leveraging Office 365 features and capabilities in full deployment within weeks or months - - not years?

If you are interested in Office 365 Education - - productivity, communication, and collaboration tools delivered through the cloud - - we can recommend the next steps to take. We are eager to work with you!

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