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  • Erol Eraybar

Outlook Meeting Invites from the Year 1602, and other weird hauntings...

Are you and your clients receiving Outlook Meeting Invites from the Year 1602, or experiencing other weird Office 365 hauntings?

Perhaps you are becoming concerned one of your Meeting Invitees is overly enthused about an upcoming event because you continue to receive an Acceptance Response from the person once or twice per hour for many days? Finally, are you using an iPhone and its built-in email app?

If so, great news! There is a good chance you can make Meeting Spirits and Attendee "Enthusiasm" be gone!

Do one or more of these 3 things to resolve a suspect technical glitch on your mobile device:

(1) Reset your O365 Account on your iPhone by toggling off syncing of Mailbox Content for several minutes, and then toggle all syncing back on. Or, try deleting the mail account, and adding it back to your iPhone.

(2) Check to be sure your iPhone has the latest iOS updates installed.

(3) Consider using the free Microsoft Outlook for iOS mobile app available from iTunes and avoid using the built-in email app with Exchange Online / Office 365.

Most folks feel using the Microsoft Outlook iOS app is the best long-term solution and enables more capabilities. If your device is an Android, consider using the Microsoft Outlook App for Android Phones available for download from the Google Play store.

Issues like these as describe above and other weird glitches might occur more frequently or be more noticeable on iOS devices than Android. Typically, Microsoft does not write the application code that runs on these devices as manufactured by various third parties (e.g., Apple, Samsung, HTC, Etc.).

Further complicating the situation, there may be inherent device quirks and constraints imposed by the manufacturer or mobile carrier that prevent certain features and capabilities from working as advertised by Microsoft.

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