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  • Erol Eraybar

Caution Ahead! Continuing to use and cling to Skype may only serve to make you another dodo expert!

Microsoft's plan is to make Skype for Business go the way of the dodo…

Microsoft will replace Skype for Business Online with Teams as the primary communications client in Office 365. Make no mistake about it, Microsoft’s current strategic direction is Teams, and they are planning to retire the Skype product as soon as practically possible at a time TBD.

They are working at a furious pace to add all Skype Functionality into Teams, and much, much more!

Once you completely flip-the-switch for Teams, it will replace your previous use of Skype.

Microsoft will leverage several strategies to push laggards along to adopt Teams.

One strategy - - new functionality and killer features will be added into Teams - - while Skype will wither on the vine.

One recent killer feature added to Teams is Inline Message Language Translation in Chats and Channels.

Microsoft will also work to reduce migration friction and the level of IT knowledge required to upgrade to Teams.

Office 365 Customers may qualify for and be offered by Microsoft an Automated Upgrade Process to migrate users from Skype to Teams.

Eligibility criteria include organizations must have less than 500 seats. Customer requirements, cut-over dates, how long a customer may procrastinate and stall the upgrade, etc. - - are subject to change by Microsoft, and remain to be formalized and announced. Stay tuned!

If your organization does not qualify for Microsoft's Teams Automated Upgrade Process, then you may make ample use of other resources Microsoft has already provided and continues to constantly publish.

Finally, Microsoft Partners stand ready, willing, and able to assist!

We recommend you now give Teams serious consideration. The time is right to follow the early pioneers and adopters. Give Teams a test drive to form an opinion if it meets your expectations and looks ready for prime time.

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