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Make the right “Call” for your business to enable employees to work from anywhere, anytime!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Why Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

Work occurs wherever you and your customers are at during any given moment. For most businesses, being easily available, accessible, and reachable from anywhere at anytime to serve your customers is always a top priority, and during these uncertain times, it is critical.

Phone calls are one of those service moments-of-truth where customers form opinions and perceptions about your business. Obtaining great impressions, whether first or not, can be lasting impressions, and are key to retaining existing customers and to earning new business.

A telephone system that enables a customer to have friction-free communication with your employees, and in turn employee responsiveness in responding to incoming calls is critical for almost any type of business.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice serves as the newest business success enabler for small-and-medium size businesses to have employees receive and place calls using a business class phone system. It uses Microsoft’s trusted cloud to deliver reliable, high-quality audio calls.

Business Voice will provide your businesses a modern voice solution that combines unified communication and teamwork.

Employees will be able to respond to incoming calls, and place outgoing calls when working onsite in an office, and when working remotely, say in their home office. When remote, employees will not need to use their mobile phone to answer incoming calls placed to the company or for placing calls back to customers.

Business Voice has all the same features of Microsoft’s industry-leading Enterprise Voice solution that has propelled Microsoft to be the one of the largest (or perhaps the largest) Telecom provider on earth. Business Voice was designed to be easy for small and medium size businesses to set up and use.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice, available for purchase in the USA since the beginning of this month, adds the cloud-based Microsoft Phone System to Teams, for an all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, chat, meetings, and collaboration.

You can use Business Voice to make phone calls from anywhere, on any device—including computers with headsets, smart phones, desk phones, and meeting rooms.

Business Voice has capabilities and features galore! Here are some of the primary speeds-and-feeds.

Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice combines essential telephone system components into a single package for $20 / user per month. It includes complete VoIP phone system capabilities, audio conferencing lines, and domestic calling plans.

Business Voice can be added onto any Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Teams. Its subscription license plan enables calling capabilities for up to 300 users in your organization.

Switching from your current Phone System to Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a fast and straightforward process. Steps include:

* Port existing Main Phone Line Numbers from your current carrier to Microsoft.

- Your Main Line Phone Numbers belong to you, so you get to take them with you. - There is no cost for Porting Phone Numbers to Microsoft.

* Provision Phone Numbers / Extensions to your employees to provide business lines.

- In addition to being reachable from the Main Line, each employee will have their own Direct Dial Number to enable desired contacts to bypass the Business Voice Auto Attendant.

- Additionally, each employee will have their own personal Conference Number to share with meeting attendees to call-in during online meetings.

* Configure an Auto Attendant to play greetings for incoming calls, and the business rules to answer and route callers. - You can decide how your business answers incoming calls. For example, calls can be routed to a single person like a receptionist. - Or you can create a call menu by associating a dial key with a specific action, say pressing or saying “one” routes the caller to the correct employee or group of employees.

One more thing that might be needed before you get started… Rather than using your computer’s built-in audio hardware capabilities, we recommend using a wireless Headset for private calls, and a Speaker Puck for speaker phone and conference room style calls.

Emerging Out of the Crisis

We believe one near-term objective for all organizations is to plan to emerge out of the crisis transformed, where everyone is smarter, faster, better, and more efficient and productive.

Transitioning some to all your employees to work remotely does not have to be tough. Microsoft has all the tools, and we have the services you need to help simplify the ability for your employees to work remotely and to enable business continuity.

Getting everyone onboard the Office 365 collaboration platform with the same toolset to include Microsoft Teams Business Voice, is a game changer to improve collaboration and communication, and realize synergies internally among your team, and externally with your business partners and clients.

During the next several months as all of us look forward to emerging out of the COVID-19 crisis, we are working with Microsoft to help businesses easily pivot team members to remote work and back-to-work in the office, with several different Special Promotions.

Business Voice Special Promotion

Our Special Promotion for Business Voice is designed to help businesses implement an affordable, reliable, secure, and complete telephony solution right now – a solution that will allow your team to stay connected, and be productive, no matter where, no matter when.

If your organization agrees to a 12-Month Term, and whether you would like some or a lot of assistance, we can offer you a deeply discounted hourly rate on consulting, implementation, and support services. And, if your business is in a serious struggle with cashflow, we can discuss how you might qualify for a deferred services payment option, so you can receive assistance to implement new technologies now, and pay later!

This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for companies to implement new technologies at little cost, and leapfrog forward to get a few quick wins, while providing time to backfill completion of the more difficult challenges.

And, to flatten the learning curve for your employees, your business may qualify for FREE Virtual User Training Sessions for the Office 365 platform – including how to use Business Voice, Teams, SharePoint, Office web apps, etc. – delivered by expert trainers from Microsoft!

Ready to Learn More or Get Started

This Special Promo is planned to be available through June 30th, 2020. Availability, terms, and conditions are subject to change based on the evolving environment.

Please reach out to us by phone or email to discuss your business needs, learn more details, confirm your eligibility, and to get started now!

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